About the Trophy Hut

Trophy Hut Owners

The Trophy Hut was started over 20 years ago by Ken and Charlie. They focused on serving the Fort Carson community since they are both retired Army. They chose a location about 1 mile away from the Fort Carson B Street gate. This location is very convenient for the soldiers to stop by during lunch and order  or pick up products for their unit. As the years went by and things got busy Charlie decided to move on and Connie took his place. Connie is a daughter of a distinguished soldier and felt it would be an honor to serve the different communities including the military. They also reached out and served many other organizations in the Colorado Springs, Fountain, and Security-Widefield communities. 

After more than 20 years Ken and Connie have decided to retire. If they don't find someone willing to buy the Trophy Hut they plan to liquidate. The business has no debt of any kind and a great amount of inventory. With a great location to serve multiple communities this could be good opportunity as a turn-key operation ready for you to make it your own. They would be willing to help for a few months. Contact them if you are interested.

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